The Police Service in New South Wales has been humiliated by the Independent Commission Against Crime and is facing a Royal Commission. The elimination of Police corruption is deemed a high priority. To investigate the increasing rumors of local police involvement with a large drug crop in the New England Tableland. Inspector Curt Hirken is dispatched to the district. Hot on the trail, Hirken pursues a suspected drug grower who leads him to a newcomer in the nearby Moy Valley.

Why does he protect the fugitive? What is his part? The newcomer is obviously a menace. To prove it is another matter.

If that wasn’t enough, the murder of an officer on surveillance duty exposes links to the newcomer. Hirken plays his ace and assigns Detective Sergeant Kath Stenfell as an undercover agent to unravel the truth.

Sergeant Stenfell is not only unprepared for the corruption, violence, and bloodshed which follows but also becomes the target of a hired sadomasochist. The events in the Moy Valley are inextricably linked to a hit-and-run murder in Victoria, providing the sinister background to a conspiracy involving police corruption, murder, drug cartels, and assassins.

Why Read It?

Reading this book is a great way to learn more about the murky world of crime and how the police are involved. The plot twists will have you glued to your seat wanting to know what’s next. The happenings are described in a style that will intrigue you It gets more exciting to read because of the nonstop thrill of a chase and the connection to the thriving drug trade. You are surely in for a one-of-a-kind thrilling adventure read with Arnold’s The Moy Conspiracy!

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